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Tokyo English Literature Society

I'm playing "Gymnopedie No.1" an old Italian piano.

I'm looking for Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Holter. Her maiden name is
Miss Mary Elizabeth Mohler.Any information about her is greatly
appreciated!I found that she taught at "Glradora" High School
I tried but I had no luck. .2006 Alice in Nara
It was my dad who took me to Mora-sensei's house.


And today I found my own work on the internet^_^ Lead Me to Heirinji Temple by Fumiko Tachibana,
music by Mr. Foreman who put music to the poem for opera. It was originally recorded in Europe,
while I was away from Japan. Here is a collection of his old opera collection on the webpage he manages
Lead me to Heirinji

Please visit my page: mykittyland.com/sdjsc_about.htm
and click poetry and music page.

The most beautiful place in the world

"MY ALBUM" is almost all about the years spent as a
Japanese language teacher since 1991.
All other previous years spent as an English teacher
and a writer/poet in Japan. It's about time to go back
to where I was supposed to be.

Fujimoto sensei at ET Blog Thank you^_^

"I am very fond of sunsets. Come, let us go look at a sunset now." "But we must wait," I said.
For what?"

"For the sunset. We must wait until it is time."
At first you seemed to be very much surprised. And then you laughed to yourself. s
"I am always thinking that I am at home!"
from The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint Exupery

March 30, 2006. Japanese high school students
visited our classroom.

And Time Hurries on

Salzburg, Austria 2005

way to the moon

I rowed a boat to climb up the sun
out of place out of pace
you were shining in the night sea

I had long forgotten
I was the moon and the moon was me

In the dark you saw
one side of my body
that was your own shadow

Who knew
I had long forgotten
I could wax

Who knew
I could even wane
and wash upon the shore

If you see shrubs and leaves turning color
if you hear wind and grass rustling in the dark voice
of the sea

You'll see my unborn hands
rowing a boat
to where I was meant to be.

way to the moon

other side river
Stone Bridge Press, Berkeley, CA

1989 Spring.
Joint Poetry Reading with Steve Garber at Audium Cafe and Bar, Downtown San Diego
I hope I remembered right.




Treva's Cute Illustration appears in

Japan Trip 2005


Do you remember the days

when the sky had no limit?

I'm looking for Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Holter.
Her maiden name is Miss Mary Elizabeth Mohler.
Any information about her is greatly appreciated!

I found that she taught at Glradora (Glendora?) High School near
Los Angeles from the article that I found.

"Professor Nishimura" in ALICE IN NARA

おとうさん わかいねえ!

visiting my Alma Mater high school Nara Joshidai Fuzoku @2000
with my students.

My fun time 2002 when we started to use Genki by Shinagawa sensei
Everything felt so exciting and fresh.


2002 FALL
The Ninja at F-7



Mr. Kawamura, from ryojikan

December 1989, Audium Cafe & Bar: The year I came to the States.

"Lead Me to Heirinji" (1982) mp3
Poem written by Fumiko Tachibana
Music by Burton V. Foreman

Erin, how are you doing?

Tea lesson with Nahoko & Kaori Pugay san

click to expand

Kaori san2





2004 Summer

Hachi passed away

Tanshikattane! 2004

How are you guys doing? Let the memories not fade
Hope you are doing fine!! That was my last
semester at swc. JPN220 Write me when you have time.



2003 Fall




大理 1988

Like its hush and flow we walk

into the yelp

of a faraway dog


Butterfly Spring

here we are
after your pedaling hours
and hours on the heavy bicycle
me behind you
with your dirty shirt as a seat
me behind you
stuck to your sunburnt back --
here we are
with skies high above us clouds
low above us birds
together with us the waterfall
sounding around us
and evening light
is solid as the stone stairs
as voices' laughter
spills over the tops of green leaves
children from faraway
maybe by the lake
and your bathing in springwater
as a cuckoo
is telling us when
to look up, look up, look up

-to the continent and backs


San Diego, Poetry Reading

Kikyougaoka, Mie
Mizuma Akira chan & Emi 4 at Kikyogaoka
Yukio 3 in Kunitachi with Ojiichan ^_^

old photos

AomoriiTakadaIkenodairaTakada Ascona, Switzerland

San Diego My house party1989Country Day PPlaying drums with students, spring 1986 photo by Joshua Blake
Hawaii 1998ChulaVista2002

Community Service:

Tachibana at SDJSC (San Diego Japanese Speech Contest) hosts monthly teacher’s lunch to discuss activities related to promote the sd speech contest. April 2013 to present.

President of the Annual San Diego Region Japanese Speech Contest Committee since 2008 to present.

Organizer for the San Diego Region Japanese Speech Contest since 2008 to present

Volunteered to facilitate San Diego Japanese Teacher workshops (2000 - 2006)

Volunteered for the San Diego Region Japanese Speech Contest & web creation and maintenance with Palomar students from 1997 to present

Served as Board and Steering Committee Member, TJSC(2005) retired from sickness.

Organized and chaperoned annual trips to Japan with students since 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008

Organized official Study Abroad Trip to Osaka, Japan, 2007, Palomar College

Organized numerous cultural events at Palomar College campus, 2003 - 2007

Organized Japan Club at Palomar College campus 2007 - 2009

Volunteered to organize Japan Club open to public at Tachibana Language Center, 2009 - 2012

Interview article: Telescope: Meet Your Faculty May 2009.


Spring Japanese Afternoon at, April 24, 2005, Palomar College

Autumn Japanese Afternoon, October 2, 2004, Palomar College


Nominated for Asian Heritage Award in Education, April 2007.

http://www.asiamediainc.com/site/c.enJNKQNlFiG/b.2705175/k.C8DA/2007_AHA_Profile_Education_FUMIKO_TACHIBANA.htm (cache)

2007 Recognized at the Board of Directors of the San Marcos, Chamber of Commerce for being named “Palomar
College’s Most Distinguished Faculty of the year”, March 2007.

2006 Distinguished Faculty Award (DFA) for Excellence in Teaching at Palomar College, $1000 cash award.


Nominated for DFA. Palomar College, March 2005.

Japanese Teacher Training Summer Institute (Exchange Japan), Bryn Mawr College, 1994 (Scholarship)

Grant: National Endowment for the Humanities for teachers of Japanese, Department of Japanese, Gakushuin University, 1993

Grant: National Endowment for the Humanities, for teachers of Japanese, San Francisco State University, 1992: Authentic material based teaching led by late Dr. Mishima, Department of Japanese, San Francisco State University.

Goddard Graduate Program, Vermont College of Norwich University, 1982 -1984 (Scholarship)

Grand prize (Poetry Contest), Tokyo English Literature Society, Poetry Contest open to native speakers of English, 1983.

Grand Prize (Short story), Philippine Ministry of Tourism, a Trip to the Philippines 1982, Round Trip to the Philippines

and some other small poetry awards including music awards, etc.

Recognized as one of 36 Japanese women poets selected in the anthology of contemporary Japanese women’s poetry volume 2 - other side river published by Stone Bridge Press. Berkeley, California.

Fond memories winning school prizes in schools:

Third Place: English Speech Contest, Niigata University, Japan
Special Prize, School Song Contest, Lyric, Nara Joshidai Fuzoku High School :) Cash award
Grand Prize, School Song Contest, Music, Nara Joshidai Fuzoku High School :) Cash award

Publications List

JAPANESE WORKBOOK PART 2, Fumiko Tachibana, San Diego, January 2006.Revised edition January 2009
JAPANESE WORKBOOK PART 1, Fumiko Tachibana, San Diego, August 2005. revised edition January 2006, revised edition August 2007.

ISBN: 4894719185, Pearson Education Japan, Tokyo, December, 12/2002

ISBN4-89471-832-4, Pearson Education Japan, Tokyo, November5, 2000

TOEIC TEST 730 Ten Kuria Jissen Mondaishuu (2 C
ISBN:4415016782, Seibido Shuppan, Tokyo, October01, 2001

TOEIC TEST 650 Ten Kuria Jissen Mondaishuu(2 CD's),
Seibido Shuppan, Tokyo, January, 2000. ISBN4-41500-989-1

TOEIC TEST (2 CD's), Seibido Shuppan, Tokyo, March 20, 1998
ISBN4-415-08652-7 (Out of print)

HappyAlphabet, AlphabetPress. San Diego, December 1998

To the Continent and Back, Special Issue of Printed Matter (English)
SaruPress International

formerly owned by Tokyo English Literature Society, 1989
ISBN 0-935086-12-9 , (Out of print) This book will be re-printed sometime this year.


Coordinted the produciton of featured articles on American families and schools, 1995,
Victor Anchor, English Japanese Dictionary, Gakken Publishing, Tokyo, 1996,

Rainbow Dictionary (Japanese-English), Gakken Publishing, Tokyo, 1989
Rainbow Japanese-English Dictionary

Around the World with English (Japanese-English), Gakken Publishing,Tokyo, 1989.
Travel English Conversation Dictionary

Junior Anchor, Gakken Publishing, Tokyo, 1987.
Junior Anchor Japanese-English Dictionary

Anthology Inclusion:

Otherside River

StoneBridge web site:

Stone Bridge Pressからの「Contemporary Japanese Women's Poetry」シリーズ第2弾は、シリーズタイトルの示すとおり「日本人女性が書いた詩の英訳集」である。

日本の伝統的な詩的表現である短歌、および俳句の歴史が数百年にもなるのに比べて、詩(フリー・バース)の日本での歴史はわずか100年足らず。女流詩人による詩の誕生はさらに遅れて20世紀も半ばになる。本書は、戦争による自己の喪失を「わたしが一番きれいだったとき」をはじめとする詩に詠んだ女流詩人の草分け的存在茨木のり子や、本コレクションのタイトル(『Other Side River』)にもなった詩「あっちの岸」の作者白石かずこ、そして伊藤比呂美、小池昌代といった若い詩人たち、またアウトサイダーといわれる在日韓国人やアイヌの詩人まで36名の詩人の作品を集めている。つまり、詩(フリー・バース)の誕生から現在に至るまでの日本の女流詩人たちの作品を一度に読むことができるのだ。



Book Description
Japanese poets have been writing tanka and haiku for hundreds of years. Japanese free verse, however, is barely a century old, and women's free verse in Japan is younger still. This collection, the second volume in the Stone Bridge anthology of contemporary Japanese women's poetry, introduces the work of some three dozen of Japan's finest women poets who specialize in free verse. Remarkable for their diversity and passion, these poems provide a vivid contrast to the more traditional verse forms featured in Volume One, A Long Rainy Season.


Book Description
Japanese poets have been writing tanka and haiku for hundreds of years. Japanese free verse, however, is barely
a century old, and women's free verse in Japan is younger still. This collection, the second volume in the Stone Bridge
anthology of contemporary Japanese women's poetry, introduces the work of some three dozen of Japan's finest
women poets who specialize in free verse. Remarkable for their diversity and passion, these poems provide a vivid
contrast to the more traditional verse forms featured in Volume One, A Long Rainy Season.

From the Publisher

Stone Bridge Press is a leading English-language publisher of Japanese literature in translation.
Our ROCK SPRING COLLECTION OF JAPANESE LITERATURE features absorbing and important translations of
classical and contemporary Japanese fiction and poetry. We believe that literature is a window into culture and
society, and an expression of what is most peculiarly, and universally, human..."New Canadian Review, Midwest
Poetry Reviews

WPBS Poetry and many periodicals.



ACTFL 2009 San Diego
(Saturday 11/21 8:00 - 9:00 am)

Creative Use of Songs from Anime/Films in the Japanese Classroom; This session will examine/demonstrate innovative ways to use students' favoriate Anime songs and J-Pop to reinforce litgeracy in Japanese, including speaking (pronunciation, fluency) and listening (sound discrimination); reading and writing hiragana, katakana, and kanji. The songs can serve as assessment tools and present ways to learn about Japanese culture/literatures.

CATJ21 http://www.msu.edu/~catj09/program.htm, Michigan State University, April 11, 2009



Fumiko Tachibana (Palomar College) http://www.msu.edu/~catj09/tachibana.pdf

Integrating images into our daily teaching, from a technical point of view, CAJLT, San Dieuito Academy High School, December 22, 2007, CAJLT

CASTEL-J in Hawaii, August 2007

Integrating images into our daily teaching, from a technical point of view,
CAJLT, San Dieguito Academiy High School, April 30,


Yamatesen Kanji studies thru Yamatesen, as part of Spring Japanese Afternoon at PalomarCollege, April 24, 2005,
Japanese Afternoon, October 2, 2004, Palomar College (link not available)

San Diego Japanese Teachers Workshop Spring 2004, Saturday March 27 9:30 - 2:30, CSUSM (University Hall 260)
1:05 - 1:35音楽を聴きながら楽しく漢字を覚えさせてしまう方法
(Ongaku o kikinagara Tanoshiku kanji o oboe saseteshimau hoho)
(web site available for worksheets): Hamasaki Ayumi's Whatever and Utada Hikaru's "First Love" were presented.


Enhancing Learning Via Virtual and Actual Foreign Excursions and Cultural Exploration, LA, November 9, 2003.
Teachers of Japanese in Southern California (TJSC/Program)

Anime as a Learning Tool for the study of Japanese, San Diego Japanese Teachers Workshop, Palomar College June29, 2002 (ChibimarukoSentoniikunomaki was introduced.)

Anime as a Learning Tool for the study of Japanese, CLTA (California Language Teachers Association) Conference, April 26-29, 2001 (with . Ms. Yoko Wong)

Email , San Diego Japanese Teachers Workshop, Cal State University San Marcos, January 20, 2001

Communicative Approach and the Jorden Method: Can We Mix Them?(with Ms. Kyoko Shoji), Teachers of Japanese of Southern California (TJSC), the Japan Foundation Language Center, Santa Monica, CA, November1994.
We are looking for our own handouts.

Ideas for Enhancing Student Motivation, TJSC, Cypress College, CA, April1992 (TJSC)

Using Pop Songs in Teaching English, Department of English,
Niigata University, Japan, 1982


Poetry Readings:

Odium Cafe & Bar, San Diego, 1989, San Diego "Artwork Festival, " (with Steve Garber), Downtown San Diego, 1990

and 1992. Border Voices, Organ Pavilion, Balboa Park, San Diego 1994

Poetry & Music
with MaryLu, La Jolla Country Day School, February 1998. (will be updated)

& numerous readings at coffee shops, galleries, etc. in Tokyo and San Diego.

Teaching in the US:

Palomar College, San Marcos, San Diego (Fall 1991, Fall 1999 - Present) JPN 101, 101 A, B, 102, 201, 202, JPN 197
MiraCosta College, Fall 2008.
California State University San Marcos, Fall 2007 (For Mrs. Mikiko Imamura-Seyller who passed away in October 2007)
Southwestern College, Chula Vista, San diego, Japanese 120, 120A 120B 130, 220, (Spring 1991 - Fall 1994, Fall 1999 - Fall 2004)
Honolulu University/Independent studies (1999)
Self-employed sabatical for one year.
La Jolla Country Day School, Middle School & Upper School (Japanese 1,2,3,4,4Honors) , (Fall 1991 - Summer 1998)
San Diego Mesa College, Japanese 1,2, Conversation (Spring 1995 - Summer 1998)
Grossmont College, Japanese 1 (Fall 1997)
San Diego State University, Comparative Literature, Visiting Researcher, December 1989 - December 1990.
College Counselor for Bunka Women's University 1989.
I left Japan in the spring of 1989:
Happy 20th Anniversary! April 2009
My sincere and heart-felt thanks to Dr. Dan McLeod at San Diego State Universtiy, Prof. Steve Kowit at Southwestern College,
and all the writers and poets at the Writer's Bookstore and Haven, who gave me all the support.

Teaching in Japan

Tokyo University of Liberal Arts (Tokyo Gakugei Daigaku=東京学芸大学) 1984 - 1989
Saitama University埼玉大学 1988 - 1989
Senzoku Junior College 洗足短期大学 1984 - 1988
Osaka Kinki University Fuzoku High School 大阪近畿大学付属高校女子部
Niigata Prefectural Takada High School 新潟県立高田北城高校
Niigata Prefectural Takada Kitashiro High School新潟県立高田高校

Academic Background:

BA, English Literature, Department of Humanities and Science, Niigata University 新潟大学人文学部 英文学科卒業

MA, English: English and Creative Writing (Poetry), Goddard Graduate Program at Vermont College of Norwich University.ノーウィッチ大学 Goddard Graduate Program in Europe
(name of the program had changed due to the financial difficulty Goddard Graduate College suffered, and the program was sold to Norwich.)

I was Interviewed (by Dr. Tony Pearce) in Zurich, Switzerland, January 1980. Goddard College, Plainfield, VT, Goddard College sold the Goddard Graduate College Program to Norwich University in Fall 1981.

Other Graduate Courses completed:

San Francisco State University (Japanese)
University of California Davis (English)
East Carolina University:
Proglems and issues in Education: Curriculum and Instruction for Japanese Language
Design of Multimedia Instructional material
Pennsylvania State University: Teaching of English as a Second Language
Writer's Workshop (Poetry) completed at Rochester University: summer of 1982
while I was working toward the master's degree through Goddard Graduate Program.

        Malcom Cowley's words still ring in my ears:

"Read a great deal, write a great deal, and get published."

Joel Agee and Linda Gregg, the author of TOO BRIGHT TO SEE were my mentors.

Countries visited/stayed:

(As being an individual traveler, none of these trips were funded nor luxurious. It was basically backpacking. )

Lived over one month: Ladhak, Northern India

Traveled 3 months in the Hindu Kush mountains with my own children.

one month in Surgy, France 2000
Lived six months: Honolulu, Hawaii. 1998-1999
Living in San Diego since 1989
I was a trourist in the following countries:

This section needs to be re-written, it's too random.


Annual Trip to Japan with students since 2000 - current.
Annual visit to my daughter in Tokyo. (My son works in Los Angels.)

Phillipines (Manila, White Sands) 1983 (Writing Contest Award)
China (Shanghai, Kunming, Dali, Lijiang.1987, April.
Like its hush and flow we walk into the yelp of a faraway dog

Like its hush and flow we walk into the yelp of a faraway dog

India, Ladhak (1988)
Pakistan (Peshawar, Chitral, Drosh, Islamabad, Lahol) 1988, July - October


Helsinki, Lahti, Finland June2012,
Austria (Sarzburg, Vienna) 2005,

conducting an orchestra in Austria
Belgium (Brussel) 2004,
Germany (Munich, Wurzburg) 1980, 2004,
Switzerland (Ascona, Geneva, Zurich) 1980, 2000, 2004,
Italy (traveling through northan part of it, Rome) 1980, 2000,
France (Sergy, Paris) 2000, 2005,
Spain (Madrid) 2003, Portugal (Faro, Lisbon) 2003,
Monaco 2000,
Vatican 2000,
Great Britain: London 2003, 2005, Scotland (Edingborough) 2005
Delicate Arches in Uta, my favorite place in the world.

Toroto, Niagara Falls, Canada 2007
Zihuatanekp 2004 The most beautiful place.


Tachibana Fumiko
Playing loving melody of Satie and Mozart

Gymnopedie No.1

Dance: ballet, modern dance, etc.

when I was 12.If my legs had been 30 centimeter longer, I would have absolutely become a dancer.

Guitar: Playing classical guitar.

Asturias (Leyenda) performed by John Williams,
The best piece! --I thought so but after I listened to Segovia's piece, I believe
Segovia's interpretation is true to the composer's intention.

When I was 21, I completely memorized this song and I played. I never thought I would forget it so I gave the music book to Abe Etsuko san.

I like this piece the best of all. The player says he did not have a teacher.
This tells me a lot of things.

I ama dedicated fan of this guitarist. A fan on facebook!
Concerts attended: Tottori1982, Tokyo1987, 1988, San Diego 1995,
Nice, France 2000, Nice France 2003, San Diego 2005, and one more time in San Diego after that.

Jazz Fest in Nice, France 2005

1997 San Diego Mr. Ryo Imamura was always kind. On this day, he took me to a meeting
(I forgot the name of it) and introduced me to Dr.Randall Phillips.


(C) Fumiko Tachibana 2008
from all good things old and new

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